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 We provide the highest quality of professional services in company administration, tax advising, auditing, corporate finance and business process outsourcing.


Our firm

We have provided the highest quality of professional services in company administration, tax advising, auditing, corporate finance and business process outsourcing since 2012.
All these services are provided by highly qualified professionals, using first level of technological tools with the objective of maximizing the business opportunities of our clients. To enhance our services we have consultants associated in the legal and notarial areas forming a young and proactive multidisciplinary team.


We work to contribute to optimize our client's management and results, providing services tailored to their needs and generating added value, based on the best practices of the profession.


To be a model boutique firm of professional services in Uruguay, being recognized for the efficiency of our services.


Client orientation: we direct all our efforts to ensure our client's loyalty, providing them with customized solutions.

Professionalism: we keep updated ensuring the legislation and technical standards compliance. The professionalism of our members is our greatest strength.

Integrity: we lead by example, we act with ethics and honesty in all our relationships with clients and suppliers.

Confidentiality: we respect the information of our clients and we only reveal it with their consent.

Teamwork: we join efforts and talents to achieve our goals, we value diversity of opinions and multiculturalism.

Invest in Uruguay

Uruguay is in South America, strategically located between Brazil and Argentina. It is part of Mercosur, a common market that allows access to more than 270,000,000 people and since 2004 it has had a Free Trade Agreement with Mexico.
It is a democracy that has been consolidated for almost 200 years, and has a strong political and legal stability offering equal opportunities to local and foreign investors. It has free mobility of capital and dividends, and there are no restrictions regarding purchase and sale of foreign currency. It also has the Investment Grade granted by the worldwide leading credit rating agencies.
Its capital is Montevideo, with a population of 1,400,000, and in 2019 it was chosen by Mercer as the Latin American city with the best quality of life, ranking 78th worldwide. It has wide access to health services and top-level education (around 5% of GDP goes to education), which is why it is chosen by many multinational companies to send their executives and their families to reside.
From the point of view of the infrastructure, it has a modern airport in Montevideo as well as numerous ports, the main ones being Montevideo and Nueva Palmira. Both exclaves together with the Tax Free Zones and Customs Deposits, allow logistic activities and certain productive processes without being taxed by income tax and VAT.

If you plan to invest in Uruguay, contact us and we will gladly resolve your doubts and offer you different alternatives to maximize your investment.